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St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Plymouth Wisconsin
Children's Formation

Our children's Sunday School classes are using a comprehensive, Christian education curriculum called Weaving God's Promises, written exclusively for the Episcopal Church.

The “Mission” of Weaving God’s Promises

  • To teach children how God’s promises of salvation are woven into our lives.
  • To teach children the way of Christ, not only in the church but also in the world as Christ’s ambassadors.
  • To give children a solid grounding for future youth and high-school formation programs, which prepares them for Christian adulthood.
  • To foster the spiritual formation and growth of our children in Christ’s love and mercy and to teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Class sessions are structured around the Holy Eucharist as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer:

  • Gathering: Simple activities focusing the children on the lesson to come.
  • Telling the Sacred Story (Liturgy of the Word): Telling the biblical story.
  • Prayer (Prayers of the People): Giving thanks to God for Gods presence with us.
  • Sharing (Holy Communion): A time of fellowship and snacks with time for sharing that week’s story.
  • Sending Forth: Closing prayer sends the children/youth to worship or back to their homes.

The Children's Formation class meets on Sundays from 9:00 to 9:45 am in the Youth Room. Children are welcome at any time and parents are welcome to sit in.