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St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Plymouth Wisconsin
The Sharing Closet

The Sharing Closet is now open by appointment only.
Please call Lisa at (920) 980-7976 or the church office at
(920) 892-4894, to schedule an appointment.

Donations of medical equipment are welcome.


The Sharing Closet is a community-outreach ministry of St. Paul's which lends all types of medical equipment to those in need.

Because of generous donations by the local community, The Sharing Closet boasts a vast selection of new and used medical equipment available to borrow free of charge. Everything from hospital beds and motorized wheelchairs to canes, crutches and walkers are on hand. Our only requirement is that the borrower sign a release form so we can keep track of the items when they are out. When you are finished with the equipment, return it to The Sharing Closet where we will make necessary repairs, sanitize the items and make them ready for the next person.

Contact us HERE for more information or to schedule an appointment