The Episcopal Church
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Plymouth Wisconsin

In response to the latest directives from the CDC and the State of Wisconsin we will be limiting in-person public worship in the Diocese of Fond du Lac until further notice. If you would like to reserve a place for a particular mass, please contact Mother Michele. Below are some resources for this time of social distancing.

​In response to the latest directives from the CDC (no gatherings larger than 50) and the White House (no gatherings larger than 10) we will be suspending in person public worship in the Diocese of Fond du Lac until further notice.
Visit Grace Abounds, the Grace church multi-media ministry for videos of past services, educational programs such as Daily Office Basics, and offerings from the wider church.
Visit Mission St. Clare for Daily Offices (with Music), Devotions, Lectionaries and more.

The Vicar’s Voice

A Vacation Reflection

Jon and I had a wonderful vacation. We travelled nearly 5200 miles, through 15 states. We saw the beauty and majesty of our country. Everything from corn fields literally as far as the eye can see, to the steep mountains and valleys where there is mystery around every corner. We experienced the high desert with sage brush growing in the most unlikely places, and the great Virginia Oaks of the deep south covered in Spanish Moss. We saw balancing stones and the gravity defying stone arches; and the aptly named Grand Canyon, which neither words or pictures can do justice. We experience the grandeur of nature and we stood next to the most powerful manmade object to date the Saturn 5 rocket that propelled humans to the moon. We experienced the cultures of the First Nations and we got to spend time with our bestie, Bobbi.

Through all our travels we saw people. We experienced the wonderful diversity of nationality and language and culture and the absolute sameness in all the differences. We found the people of this nation and those who were visiting from other lands to be patient, kind, generous and polite. Even in the most crowded tourist places, there was a congeniality among everyone, waiting for a picture to be taken, giving someone a bit of time to take in the vast beauty from the best vantage point, knowing that the same curtesy would be granted to us.

Watching all those strangers we realized that we really all are the same. If you watch long enough in the crowd you can pick out familiar personalities and feel as if you know them. Moms and dads with their children experiencing the awe of creation. Young lovers seeing beauty around them and in each other. Seniors ticking things off their bucket list. Everyone has the same wants and desires, to be seen and loved. When you are on vacation it is easy to relax and let life flow around you. It is easy to enjoy the differences and wonder of it all.

The glory of vacation is you get to do just that, vacate, put your life on hold and clear your mind. I knew our vacation was long enough when I wanted to get back to all that is familiar, back to my loved ones, back to real life.

In His Mercy,

Mother Michele and Jon Whitford

Worship Services & Fellowship

“Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing.” Psalm 100:2

Sunday Eucharist, 10:00 am with Fellowship following.

 1st & 3rd Wednesday Mornings, 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Healing Service & Eucharist at Rocky Knoll

40th Annual Pancake Breakfast_______________________October 28

Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, October 28 from 7:30am to 1:00pm. There will also be a bake and craft sale. Workers are needed to help all day long as well as setting up on Saturday. There are sign-up sheets in the back of church. If you are able to bring baked goods, please DO NOT price them. If you are willing to donate craft items, please DO price them.

Lisa Dicker & Ann Weeden are co-chairing the event this year and need everyone’s help to make it a success. A sign-up sheet is on the back table of the church. With our new lift, everyone can come, so invite your families & friends & enjoy not just a great meal, but our friendly hospitality. 

40 years ago, on August 17, 1978 St. Paul’s was struck by lightning. Considerable damage was done to the south end of the church. The vestry decided that not only would St. Paul’s be rebuilt, but the church would be lifted up so a Fellowship Hall could be in the basement. The previous Fellowship Hall was on the north side of the church and structurally was falling down. The congregation was meeting in the VFW Hall and decided that their first fund raiser would be a Pancake Breakfast. The women of the St. Mary’s Guild made the applesauce & baked goods and everything else for the breakfast was donated from local businesses. Since that time we have added potato pancakes and a craft and bake sale. 

Walsingham Pilgrimage____________________________October 12-13

On Friday, October 12, Grace Episcopal Church invites everyone to a quiet day with meditations at noon and 3:00 p.m., Rosary in the Shrine prayer at 5:00 p.m. concluding with Solemn Evensong at 6:00 p.m.

The meditations will be offered by The Rev. Chris Arnold, Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Evensong will include the choir of Nashotah House Theological Seminary, under the direction of The Rev. Fr. Alexander Pryor, Director of Music at the seminary.

On Saturday, October 13 the Rt. Rev. Matthew A. Gunter, eighth Bishop of Fond du Lac, will celebrate at the Procession and Solemn Pontifical Mass at 10:30 a.m. The Rev. Chris Arnold will be the preacher. Music will once again include the Gaudete Brass.

Lunch will be served in St. Nicholas Hall at 12:00pm. Reservations are required; the cost is $20 per person. Please make reservations by October 10 by calling 920-452-9659 or at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At 2:00pm there will be healing prayer and sprinkling with water from the well at the Shrine in Walsingham, England. There will be a musical offering followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

All are welcome to attend the whole Pilgrimage or any part that your schedule allows.

Nick’s Group______________________________________October 19

Wednesday, October 19 from 6:00pm-7:30pm is the gathering of Nick’s Group, a support group for families who have lost a loved one to a drug overdose. Julie Walczak leads this group to help others through the grieving process. If you know of someone who has lost someone to drugs, please tell them about this group. If you have further questions, call or text Julie at: 920-838-2562.

2nd & 4th Wednesday Bible Study________________________________

Everyone is invited to join this group that reads through a book of the Bible a chapter at a time & discusses what they have read. The group meets from 6:30-7:30pm in the Church Library. 

Birthdays ________________________

October 3 Lee Kaat October 18 Eric Peterson

October 11 Dorothy Ricker October 20 Lorenzo Peterson

October 13 Greg Carreno October 25 Gary Henderson

Craig Dicker October 27 Bernie Cary

October 14 Gus Cowhig

October 15 Colleen Riese

Maureen Kober

Paper Drive & Corn Roast

Our Paper Drive is complete!! We filled the semitrailer with newspaper! Thank you to all who helped (there are too many to name) make this a success! We won’t know how much we made until the trailer is delivered and weighed.

To celebrate the close of the paper drive we also had a Corn Roast. The corn was donated by Lakeside Foods of Random Lake. Donations were received for either raw or roasted corn. We received $293.38 in donations for the Wheelchair lift. Thank you all for making this a great success!

Special Events Calendar

Sunday, Oct. 7 9:00 am Children, Youth & Adult formation

10:00am Eucharist with Fellowship following

Wed., Oct. 9 6:30-7:30pm Bible Study


Friday, Oct. 12 Noon, 3 & 6pm Walsingham Quiet Day, Grace, Sheboygan

Saturday, Oct. 13 10:30am Walsingham Pilgrimage at Grace Church, Sheboygan

Noon Lunch, reservation required $20

2:00 pm Healing Prayer, Musical Offering & Benediction

Sunday, Oct. 14 9:00 am Children, Youth & Adult formation

10:00am Eucharist with Fellowship following

11:30am Vestry Meeting

Wed., Oct. 17 10am Healing Service & Eucharist at Rocky Knoll

6-7:30pm Nick’s Group

October 19-20 Diocesan Convention

Sunday, Oct. 21 9:00 am Children, Youth & Adult formation

10:00am Eucharist with Fellowship following

11:30am Prayer Net

2:00pm Ultreya at Blessed Sacrament in Green Bay

Wed., Oct. 24 6:30-7:30pm Bible Study

October 26-28 Youth Lock-In

Sunday, Oct. 28 8am-1pm Pancake Breakfast

10:00am Eucharist