Episcopal Shield
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Plymouth Wisconsin

Source: Inventory of the Church Archives of Wisconsin: Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, Diocese of Fond du Lac. United States, Wisconsin Historical Records Survey, 1942.

ST. PAUL'S PARISH, 1858--, 316 East Main Street, Plymouth, Sheboygan County.

Some church families are reputed to have settled at Plymouth as early as 1845, but first known family (the M. M. Flints) settled in 1847. Rt. Rev. Jackson Kemper, Bishop of Wisconsin and the Northwest, assisted by Rev. L. Wilson Davis, Rector of Our Lady of Grace, Sheboygan, entry 4, held first recorded Episcopal service in Plymouth, Jan. 31, 1851, at home of M. M. Flint. Fr. Davis conducted regular services, 1851-55, in village schoolhouse. When priestly ministrations were not available, baptisms were performed and burial services read by Sidney Smith, a layman. Parish organized Oct. 28, 1857, by Rev. John B. Pradt, who became first resident priest in 1858; incorporated, May 29, 1858; admitted into diocese of Wisconsin, June 1858.

Lot donated by Mr. and Mrs. Horatio N. Smith, Oct. 13, 1858. Funds for church edifice and rectory collected locally and in East. Cornerstone of little brown church laid by Bishop Kemper, April 17, 1858; Gothic frame church edifice with tower, belfry, and bell completed in 1858; consecrated by Bishop Kemper, Dec. 4, 1858. Bell gift of W. W. Chandler of Cleveland, O., and first Communion service presented by Mrs. Lydia Sigourney of Hartford, Conn. Numerous memorials and furnishings added later include triple lancet chancel window in memory of Bishop Kemper, oak rood screen, and silver Communion service in memory of Horatio N. Smith. Guild Hall containing St. Mary's Chapel, erected and dedicated in 1893. Services in 1895, conducted by lay reader, G. W. Gerler, and Rev. Newell D. Stanley of St. Peter's, Sheboygan Falls, entry 23. Otherwise served by resident priest, 1858--. Church interior remodeled in 1908; baptistry, oak altar, and reredos with carved statues of St. Paul installed as memorials in 1908. Interior redecorated and sacristy added in 1923. Sanctuary chimes, Sanctuary lamp, and gold ciborium set with jewels given as memorials ca. 1923. Since the rectorate of Rev. Mosley Morris, a Tractarian, 1863-68, the parish has developed along Anglo - Catholic lines of faith and practice. First Rector, Rev. John B. Pradt, 1857-59. Active organizations are: Church School, St. Mary's Guild, Woman's Auxiliary, Girl's Friendly Society (oldest branch in Diocese), Choir, Choir Guild, and Young People's Society. See: Rev. Ernest James Fitzpatrick, The Seventy - Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the Laying of the cornerstone of St. Paul's Church, June 1933, pp. 1-24. History of the Diocese of Fond du Lac, pp. 76, 77. D. J. (Wis.), 1851, p. 15; 1857, p. 46; 1858, pp. 2, 9, 28, 55; 1859, p. 15; 1860, p. 54. Diocese of Fond du Lac, May - June 1933.

Minutes, 1857--, 2 vols.; kept by Edwin Zerler, 719 Eastern Ave. Register, 1857--, 2 vols.; kept by Rector, Rev. Ernest J. Fitzpatrick at Rectory, 312 E. Main St. Financial, 1935--, I vol.; kept by Treasurer, Harvey Weisse, 302 E. Mill St. Financial (annual printed reports), 1925--, 17 pamphlets; kept by Rector at Rectory Various organizations keep current records only. Record of Incorporation has not been located in office of Register of Deeds, Sheboygan County.